Our services include processing financial and payroll administrations, compiling annual reports, filling in tax declarations and providing tax advice.


We at CONTAS strive to automate our customers' administrations as much as possible. When processing the administrations, we therefore use online software as much as possible, such as Twinfield and Basecone.

For example, customers can email their administration to us or upload it directly into Basecone. In this way, all their sales invoices, purchase invoices and receipts are delivered and stored digitally. We then take care of the processing.


If you have employees, we can also take care of the payroll administration for you. We have experience with a large number of industries.


We periodically provide pay slips, declare the payroll tax and submit the data to the pension fund that you may fall under as an employer. You will receive digital salary specifications from us with an overview of the net wages to be paid. We also draw up labor contracts for the employees.


We compile annual reports for SMEs regardless of the legal form of the company. We also discuss the annual report with the clients and provide advice based on it. We also provide the publication documents for the Chamber of Commerce.


We take care of tax declaraions, such as sales tax, corporate tax and income tax.

We fill in income tax returns for both entrepreneurs and private individuals. CONTAS ensures that you get the maximum return from your personal financial situation. We will fill in your tax return based on the information you provide and send it to the tax authorities after approval. We can also fill in the provisional income tax refund for you.


We advice our clients on tax matters. CONTAS has extensive industry-specific expertise with a wide variety of tax situations. We also advice our clients about their financial situation. We gladly assist you understanding your financial reports

You can also contact us to request payment arrangements and for objection and appeal procedures with the tax authorities.